Friday, October 22, 2010

Response Header Fields

The first line of the server’s response contains a status code

200 OK                             request was processed successfully

301 Moved permanently      document has been moved

304 Not modified                if cached version is up-to-date

400 Bad request                 syntax error in client’s request

403 Forbidden                    client is not allowed access (e.g., protected)

404 Not found                    file could not be found

500 Internal server error      server failed

503 Service unavailable       server is overloaded

In addition to the status code, the server’s response may include

Date  response time (in GMT)

Server  identification info on the server

Last-modified  time document was last changed (in GMT)

Content-length  size of document, in bytes

Content-type  file format (e.g., html, gif, pdf)

Expires  prevents browser from caching beyond date

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