Monday, December 27, 2010

Learn Dreamweaver CS3 - Displaying optional toolbars

Sometimes though it may seem, the Standard toolbar is not displayed by default. To display it, go to View ä Toolbars, and select Standard. Alternatively, right-click any toolbar, and select Standard from the context menu.

Dreamweaver automatically locates the Standard toolbar—which contains common file functions such as New Document, Open, Save, Print, Cut, Copy, and Paste—immediately below the Document toolbar. This isn’t really very helpful, because it means the toolbar disappears as soon as all documents are closed.

However, on Windows you can move the Standard toolbar by positioning your mouse pointer over the double row of dots at the left edge, holding down the main mouse button, and dragging and dropping the toolbar to a new location. If you have a wide monitor, you can place it alongside the Insert bar. Alternatively, dock it directly underneath the Insert bar. It then remains available at all times.

On a Mac, there appears to be no way of undocking the Standard toolbar from the
Document toolbar.

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