Monday, December 27, 2010

Using Google Public DNS instead of PTCL DSL Or Any Other ISP for better Web surfing

If you are using PTCL or any other DSL and getting lot of errors of "Server Not Found" & browser do not open websites. then here is the solution, use Google Public DNS for getting smooth surfing and downloading.

Change DNS from PTCL to Google. DNS is a server which translate Domain Name into IP you can learn further about it here.

To change DNS two things are required

  • Change setting from Windows.
  • Change setting of DSL Router/Modem.
Note: Google Primary DNS Server is and Secondory Server is

Change Setting From Windows:

Step1: Right click on Network icon and choose Status.

Step2: Click Properties

Step3: Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click on Properties

Step 4: Do appropriate settings

Now you have done with Windows Setting furthur you need to change setting of DSL Router/Modem. If your are using PTCL ZXDSL 831 CII Router/Modem it can be accessd at  User name & password is "admin".

To Change PTCL ZXDSL 831 CII Router/Model do Following Steps:

Step1: Click Advance

Step 2: Change Router DNS Setting to "Use User Discover DNS Server Only" and give Google's Primary ( and Secondary DNS Server(

Now Restart Modem/PC and Enjoy Smooth Surfing and Downloading.
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