Monday, October 25, 2010

HTML - Head Tag

In addition to the title element, the head may also contain:

  • base
it defines base URLs for resources or links on the page, & target windows in which to open linked content.

  • link

it refers to a resource of some kind, just like to a style sheet that provides instructions about how to style the various elements on the web page.

  • meta

it provides additional information about the page, for example, which character encoding the page uses, a summary of the page’s content, instructions to search engines about whether or not to index content, and so on.

  • object

it represents a generic, multipurpose container for a media object.

  •  script

it used either to embed or refer to an external script.

  • style

it provides an area for defining embedded (page-specific) CSS styles.

All of these elements are optional and can appear in any order within the head tag. Note that, none of the elements listed here actually appear on the rendered page, but they are used to affect the content on the page, all of which is defined inside the body element.
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